7 Side-Hustles Dads Can Do In 2018

Almost all dads have one thing in common, they’re always looking to make more money.  Even dads that make a good living, will often aspire to buy that Lamborghini they dreamed of as a kid, or the boat they’ve always wanted.  That said, we need to make sure that whatever side-gig we do, doesn’t take us away from our families too much.  Here are some side-hustles that allow you to earn some extra cash without becoming an absentee dad.


Dads are already used to doing things around the house, TaskRabbit is an app that allows you to get paid to do that stuff for other people.  Good at putting IKEA furniture together?  You can charge $30/hour to assemble stuff for people on the app.  Moving & packing, yard work and general home improvement are all work you can earn money for using the app!


Fiverr.com is a marketplace for freelancers.  There are tons of ways to make money on it.  Anything from writing a blog post for someone, to filming yourself offering a video testimonial, to doing market research and more.  You pick what you offer, you pick your price and your timeframe.


People pay for advice, all the time.  If you’ve got expertise in marketing, SEO, entrepreneurship or social media, people will pay to talk to you on clarity.fm.  The minimum hourly rate you’re allowed to charge is $60/hour on that site for giving advice.  That is a great hourly rate, and it’s the MINIMUM!  There are thousands of people charging $100+ per hour.  All you need is an account an a phone!


We’ve all got something we’re good at, even if we don’t think we are.  And if you have a skill, there’s a good chance someone out there wants that skill and is willing to pay to learn that skill.  Udemy.com allows you to create a course and sell it in their marketplace.  There are courses in there that are as little as 1 hour; imagine recording yourself for an hour teaching something you already know a lot about.  The best part is, you only have to do it once and you can make money over and over!

Craiglist Gigs

This one is a little more random.  On Craiglist there is a ‘gigs’ section.  These are basically small jobs someone needs to get done and they’ll pay you to do them.  Anything from simple data entry, to updating someone’s website, to manual labor.  If you spend a little bit of time in there you may find a simple 1-time task or a steady part time income.

DNA Simple

I’m a big Shark Tank fan and one episode this season they had this company DNA Simple on the show.  What’s cool about this company is they will pay you for your spit.  Yes, you heard me, they’ll pay you to spit.  They’re a company that works with labs that do DNA research and those labs are constantly looking for DNA to test with.  You can take a few minutes, set up an account, and find out if you qualify for a study.  You can participate in as many as you qualify for and they will send you a vile in the mail, you spit in the vile and mail it back with the slip they give you.  Once they receive it, you get $50, and you can do this multiple times, pretty cool right??

Garage Sale & Thrift Store Flips

This one may not sound super glamorous, but I personally know dads that are earning over $2,000/month on the side doing this.  On a Saturday morning you take an hour or two and drive around to find a few local garage sales.  Garage sales are notorious for selling stuff for super cheap.  Download the Amazon app and the eBay app, go to a garage sale or thrift store and begin looking items up.  This is a quick way to see what you can buy and flip.  Pro tip:  make sure in the eBay app you look at the “recently sold” section when looking up the items, that way you know that there is a demand for that product.

There are a hundred more side-hustles dad’s can do to make some extra money, and many of them don’t require too much effort.  I personally have my real-estate license and help friends and family buy and sell homes, as well as own an online t-shirt business with my wife (momshirt.com).  So if you really want more, go get it, you’re the only one standing in your way!


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  1. Chessa

    Love these!! I think I’m going to try the spit one! And do it over and over. Haha. My husband and I were looking into what our side hustle should be this year, and he turned to krypto currency. So that’s an other one to make great money. You need money to start though. Love reading all your posts!!

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