Being Okay With Being Bald

You never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.  This applies to relationships, jobs, and most importantly, hair.  As an adolescent I had the most luscious locks.  Hair that made women jealous.  Here’s a photo of my hair straightened when I was 22:

The ladies LOVED it!  I even cut 11 inches off and donated it to Locks of Love one year.  And then… the unthinkable.

My hair began to fall out

It all started in the shower.  I’d shampoo my hair just like normal, but more and more hair started falling out or sticking to my hands when running my fingers through my hair.  I was in denial for years about this.  I didn’t want to accept that I could go from looking like a Uncle Jesse from Full House to looking like Kevin from the office.

Before:      After: 

The Combover Stage

For years I thought I could cover up my bald spot.  I was rocking a combover at 26 years old.  And every once in a while I’d find a mirror and snag a photo of the back of my head, just to make sure it was still comboverable.  Also, what if I had a weird shaped head, or what if there was an ugly birthmark on my head that I didn’t know about.  I couldn’t risk shaving it off and looking like a freak.  But then.. the time came..

The time had come to shave it off

I got sick of hiding who I had become.  Here’s a 90 second video from my Instagram story (@ernestsaco) when I decided to take the plunge.


The aftermath

It took a while getting used to.  I even went through a hat phase where I wore a hat everywhere, work, home, bathroom, etc.  Also, there are new challenges a baldy that no one tells you about like…

  • Now you have to wear sunscreen on your head because there’s no hair to protect you from getting burned
  • You have to buzz your head at least every week instead of getting a hair cut once a month
  • You need to now have a full time beard because being bald with no beard makes you look like an infant

My Life Today

I have come to terms with being bald and have become a normal contributing member to society.  I’m a supporting husband, a loving father, a dependable friend.  I still secretly hope that one day they come up with some remedy to make all my hair grow back and I can have the luscious locks I once had.  But until then, this is me.

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