Dad Bod: How did I let this happen?

Fatherhood comes with a lot of perks, you get to wake up in the middle of the night to crying children, you’re forced to spend your hard earned money on little humans that never pay you back [I love my kids], and you’re lucky enough to achieve the highest weight you’ve ever achieve.  As a matter of fact, the weight gain in fatherhood is so common, that it has a nickname, The DAD BOD.  It happens to the best of us.. in fact, here are a couple celebrities that pop up when you Google “Dad Bod”:

Leonardo DiCaprio Dad Bod

Seth Rogan Dad Bod

How does this happen?


For me it started when I was dating my [now] wife.  Just like most couples we went on tons of fun dates, took trips, and celebrated events together.  After a few months of adventure, we began to settle into our relationship.  Hanging out became an every day thing and it usually consisted of, going out to eat, then getting a bunch of snacks and heading to one of houses to binge watch whatever show we were into at the time.  Frankly, eating snacks and binge watching shows is way more fun that going to the gym for an hour or making a green smoothie.  But those nights added up.


Then babies.  We’ve had 3 and I can safely say that I’ve gained 10 lbs with each pregnancy.  This is what happened; we would go out to eat or make a meal at home, and during the 1st trimester my wife would often feel nauseous and wouldn’t eat, or eat very little.  Feeling guilty and not wanting to waste food, I would often eat my meal and part of hers.  I’m sure this resulted in me taking in 20%-40% more calories per meal when this would happen, and it happened A LOT.  Worst part of it all, she gets to give birth and return to her pre-baby weight while I’m stuck with another 10 lbs and a new pant size.


Now it’s ALL habit.  I’m used to eating the way I eat and I’m too exhausted at the end of the day to fit in a workout.  I climb up the stairs several times every night trying to get my kids to finally go to sleep, that’s my cardio.  I lift my toddlers and hold them for hours each day because they suddenly decided they don’t want to walk, that’s my weight lifting.  I drink a Coca-cola for breakfast because the burn gets me going in the morning, that’s my smoothie.

All of this is bad, I know it’s bad, I should probably change my life soon.  But at least I’m not alone, right?  We’ve got a whole community out there, that’s why there’s a nickname for our physiques [dad bod].  And now we know how we got here, all we have to do is work backwards, and we can return to our pre-dad weight.  Until then, dad bods are here to stay!

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