Not a Sports Fan – Does that make me less manly?

Did you see the game last night?  NO!  No I didn’t.  I don’t watch sports, I don’t care about them.  Also, I’m a dad and husband, I work full time, have a couple side gigs and a little bit of a social life.  How do you guys even find time to watch sports?  Games are like 3 hours long… where’s your family during this time?  Do you even know?

I’ve noticed a real contrast between dads.  You either watch all sports and know everything about every player on every team.  Or you don’t care about sports at all and know nothing.  I’m the latter.  I can talk business all day, but sports.. nah.  My free time in a day is so limited, so I have to be very intentional about how I spend it and frankly I can think of 10 things I’d rather be doing than watching sports.

Does this make me less of a man?  The fact that I don’t know when the draft is?  Or which teams have made it to the playoffs?  There have been several occasions where another dad tries to talk to me about a game, and I nod and laugh out of courtesy, but try to change the subject or walk away as quickly as possible.  Am I making a mistake here?

I’m betting that I’m not.  I don’t think I’ll be laying in my death bed wishing that I watched the 2018 world series game where someone hit 2 homeruns back to back.  I’m not knocking you dads for being sports fans, there’s plenty of times where I wish I was, I’m just conveying that I’m content not being one.  🙂

One thought on “Not a Sports Fan – Does that make me less manly?

  1. John

    I am not a sports fan either. I do like baseball games, but not a regular watcher. I’ve battled this for years. I used to watch MNF just to have conversations at work, but I quit since I can’t sit still for 3-4 hrs and it doesn’t hold my interest at all.

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