The 5 Shirt Rotation

Since the dawn of time, men have had smaller closets than women.  Most times it’s because we’re given whatever little corner of the closet they’re willing to spare us.  As a result of this standard, set many centuries ago, the male wardrobe has evolved to accommodate the tiny-bit of space we get.  Thus we have…

The Lineup

The 5 Shirt Rotation represents our line up of shirts we wear throughout the week.  You could think of it like the “starting lineup” for a basketball team.  We may have 30 shirts in our closet, but these are our go-to 5 shirts.  They cover the duration of the work-week and make our clothing decision in the morning easy.

How Do Shirts Qualify?


All shirts must be long enough to cover my entire torso and then some.  There are going to be times through the day where I may raise my arm or lift something over my head, and as much as I love showing some skin, this is not what I want to have happen in the workplace.


Everyone hates a faded shirt, it makes the shirt look old, even if it’s not.  To qualify to be a part of the 5 Shirt Rotation, the shirt has to look ‘relatively’ new.  It’s gotta keep the color bright, and I gotta be able to put it on without having to run a lint brush through it.


This one is probably the most important.  I’m a dad, and along with that, I’ve developed a dad bod.  I’ve watched my shirt sizes go from Medium, to Large, to Extra Large.  Also, I typically only wear short-sleeve button ups.  Therefore, I know by the 3rd button whether the shirt is going to work or not.  I can’t have a shirt hugging my body like my high school prom date.  I need a shirt that gives me some room, let’s me move around, and doesn’t show off new fatherly figure.

The Favorite Shirt:

Just like the basketball team, I’ve got my point-guard, which is usually my star player, the shirt that I wear when I have an important meeting or if there’s someone I need to impress.  This shirt fits me right, compliments my favorite jeans, and hangs off my body in a way that makes me look at least 10 lbs thinner than I am.  This is the shirt I’ll hang on to until it doesn’t meet one of the qualifications above.  And if I happen to come across another one like it, my rotation has grown, but that usually doesn’t happen, because once you’ve got your 5, you’re pretty satisfied.  Our needs are met, and it’s going to be pretty hard to convince us to buy more.

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